Saturday 7 November 2020

Things I have learnt. I am thinking about turning the lessons into a contribution to society.

  I have been working for a company where we offer solutions using AI technologies. I keep thinking that I am not contributing enough for what I earn. However, what I have done might be more than okay for a first-year AI developer. 

I have no intention of quitting the job, but I am perhaps ready to think about creating my own business. Luckily or not, our Japanese government is willing to lend capital with relatively generous interest rates to business owners. It honestly reminds me of the financial crisis in 2008 with many subprime loans. It might, however, be a chance for me to take since macro risks like that will be taken care of by the government and not individuals like me for now. What is more, I will do the right thing with the capital. 

So I will make plans as CEO of ANEKOSYSI going to prevail soon. We will change the world into a better and more sustainable place.

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