Friday 24 July 2020

Come and Join AI field!

Humanity has invented almost everything in the physical world. This sentence sticks inside of my brain every single time I come up with a seemingly new idea which turned out to have already been found out by a person.
  In the AI field, however, there is still space to explore. After working in the AI sector for four months, I realized that there are many things to automate with this brilliant technology. What is more, this field is mainly idea-based.
 Although nobody usually trusts your AI model without mathematical and statistical facts supporting it, you can create one for personal use, thanks to Keras's python library. Besides, mathematics does not matter anymore when your model does a great job. Results are pretty much everything.
 I will restart developing the market prediction AI machine with you. Although you will get a better answer at another place online, any questions are welcome.

Saturday 11 July 2020

Hello All!

I am pleased to announce that I am going to make my own business called "ANEKOSYSI". Even in Japanese, my native tongue, the name is weird enough. We needed, however, a certain amount of uniqueness in our name first. Then the philosophy is hoped to live in our unique and innovative behaviour and products.

I wanted a business named "Neko System". The name turned out to be too long and not rhythmical enough. What is more, a former insightful entrepreneur used the name already. It turned out to be Okay to me since it sounds like "Analysis", which we might do in our business. Let's make it NekoSys and sandwich it between "AI", which is our primary strength to contribute to society.
It is ANEKOSYSI's first step with its paw. Let's go

Market Prediction with Artificial Intelligence. Demonstration.

          We finally managed to actualise what We wanted to make.            We developed A model that can predict the stock market and auto...