Monday 25 January 2021

Hi everyone. It is advancing paw by paw!

I plan to develop an algorithm to forecast the stock market from scratch. To achieve that goal, I need to acquire more Mathematical and Statistical knowledge. It might take time. 

Although this field is drastically changing and growing daily, I think it is the right approach to be patient for now. 

 The strategy is below.

I will read articles and papers, on Machine Learning or Financial prediction with ML, on Arxiv and the Internet. I will gain insights from them and implement them continuously in my algorithm while studying Maths and Statistics. 

I am going to sophisticate the candlestick chart analysis using CNN. I also intend to actualise a Neural Network model to estimate the future prices of financial assets that utilises variables made of sentimental information extracted from Twitter or other social media. 

      One more thing, I will also do something with my English writing skills since the more I write in English, the more I realise how unsophisticated I am at it. I appreciate your patience. Thank you. 

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  1. Holy shit this is actually pretty handful, neuneiz approved


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